Cube World
For three months during the summer of 2011 I worked in an enormous call center in Lynchburg, VA fixing up old PowerPoints. I never met my boss and only met the assistant manager twice, the day I was hired and the day I was fired.

Basically, I was just left alone in a vast sea of cubicles, where I fiddled with the PowerPoint slides and entertained myself with office pranks and other diversions. I pretended I was just there to study the place. I also created a fictional persona in an empty cubicle, Sarah Randolph. I'd leave different things in 'her' cubicle: food, change, photographs of family, notes, an old computer, essentially almost anything I could find that might fit. People would ask "Who's cubicle is this?" I'd say, "I'm not sure but I saw someone there this morning." I even wrote a song about it.