Solar Powered Trash Bin Designs
Roanoke city put out a call to design six trash bins that were to be in six locations around the city. My idea was to incorporate a bit of history about the neighbourhood the bins were going to be in, along with the geographic location of the bins with regards to other important points around the city. The city liked the idea and hired me. So, each bin has a photo from the neighbourhood in which it is located, a bit of textual history and walking distance to other places around the city. The idea here was that the designs would connect people to the time and space of Roanoke, historically and geographically.

This was easily the most visual thing I've ever done in terms of visibility throughout the city. There is a total of nine of them now throughout the city. I think they were originally supposed to have been up for only a few years but have been up a long, long time now.

Here's a link to Solar Powered Trash Bin Images.