Found Film
In 2013 I purchased several tins of negatives in a thrift shop in downtown Roanoke. Once I had them digitized, I realized they had been taken in the 1930s in Italy and that some of them were even of a parade with Hitler in a car. About a year later my find went viral after Roanoke photographer Kent Moore recommended I send my discovery to Peta-Pixel.   The photos ended up in newspapers all over the world. Here's the full Flickr set.

I put on a display of the photos at Patrick Henry Community College in Martinsville. The theme was How do you know what things are when you find them? For archivists and historians, it's critical to be able to verify what it is you have. With the negatives there were several steps in this process: Determining the location, the date, matching these with newspaper clippings, using outside sources for verification. This process was presented at the community college using posters and a presentation.

In 2017 I was able to visit Naples and photograph the locations of the photos I'd found in Roanoke.