20th Anniversary
Philosophy INC has really evolved since it's humble beginnings in a Norfolk, Virginia apartment. The formative years of Philosophy INC were heavily influenced by the web culture of the time and some French philosophy. I never intended Philosophy INC to be a joke about having a philosophy job- yuck yuck. It was always meant to be provocative in some way. When I initially started planning this thing I was reading Debord and Deleuze and felt liberated but also clueless about what to do next. At that time in 2000 I just loved smoking pot and riding my bike around Norfolk with my camera trying to spot life in an urban wasteland. It wasn't until Orlando and Roanoke that I connected community to my ideas with the help of Pat Green, Jim Leftwich and Ralph Eaton. I'd experienced strong communities in Ferrum and to a degree in Salem as a teenager but my experiences in Orlando and Roanoke opened a new world for me.

I probably should have planned a little better for the 20th anniversary of Philosophy INC. It sure would be nice to have a party in Roanoke sometime this year to celebrate. Most of the Philosophy INC activities occurred there of course as is obvious from the content of this website. Since I left Roanoke in 2015 I've tried, with limited success, to maintain some kind of Philosophy INC activity. As I finalize this website, it's four months into 2020, I may end up trying to put together some kind of 20th anniversary celebration but coronavirus is making many things difficult.

There's no way I could thank all the people that have helped me over the years. But I really apperciate so many people I've encountered and worked with along the way. I hope to see so many faces again soon.


April 2020