Philosophy INC Saves Roanoke
This is a script I wrote and planned on filming but never did unfortunately. I had really been influenced by the French director Jean-Pierre Melville and wanted to tell a story in a straightforward, simple but direct and effective way, like I understood Melville. Here's a link to the script. And here's a bit from the first page:

Story: Philosophy INC, essentially a warehouse for ideas and treasures, has been in Roanoke for over 100 years. Now several parties seem to be fighting over whatever treasures Philosophy INC has in its possession.

Roanoke, VA

Dr. Chaima: An African man of the world. What is his purpose in Roanoke?
Austin: A Philosophy INC employee
Claire: A Philosophy INC employee
Dr. Jack: Is he the head of the gang that wants to steal from Philosophy INC? Jane Harrison: What does Jane want? What is her connection to Dr. Jack? Cop #1: A corrupt cop, there to do the gang’s bidding.
Cop #2: Another corrupt cop.
Tina: A hired assassin. Max: The person behind Dr. Chaima’s visit
Tattoo man: Why is this man murdered? Motel woman Little genius

Feel of film: Shot in grittier parts of Roanoke, use music to create strange vibe. Use of blue filters if possible.