Public Art
After my solar powered trash bin designs were accepted and I was 'out there' as a public artist, I started submitting more ideas for public art whenever there was a call. I eventually became disenchanted with public art and the art I saw being accepted and placed in public spaces. Case in point, Peace Fish. This was a sculpture accepted by Roanoke City for its art walk. It commits so many visual sins, it's laughable it's so dumb and weird looking, plus it's religious and the guy put his own advertisement on the front of it, plus it appears to have already been in some other place, it wasn't created just for Roanoke.

So, I see this and it breaks my heart, knowing so many wonderful artists in Roanoke but that what public art has become, or maybe always has been, is just bourgeois crass commercialism. It's just sad and maddening to think what's possible and what is settled for. Utimately, Peace Fish is just an expression of what has happened to art in America in 2016: A shopping mall for the inoffensive.

Peace Fish

So, I reacted to this by playing with the idea of public art using Photoshop. Some examples are below.