Boxley Building
The Boxley Building is an old office building downtown Roanoke built with railroad money. It's sat vacant for a number of years. In 2013 it was appropriated by the Marginal Arts Festival and for two days it was used as a visual arts and performance space for Marginal Arts and as an office for Philosophy INC.

Performance events included rotty what? with Jack Wright and John and Ben Bennett. Philosophy INC's office included the Commodore Inn sign (Fully painted), ancient instructional technology, paintings by Megan Pendleton, Roanoke research room, a display by the Knights of Pythias, plants found in the city by Robin Knapmeyer, MS Paint art by Stephen Cort Smith, photography from Roanoke's urban renewal time, a Boxley building security tape from 1992, Kent Moore's 1980s punk rock flyer collection and a Boxley appreciation room.


Exterior of the Boxley prior to the Grand Opening

Lobby area during the opening

Work by John and Catherine Bennett


Mary Bishop presenting on urban renewal in Roanoke

Abandoned coffee mug found in the Boxley