The videos listed here are part of the WSLS-TV Roanoke, VA News Film Collection at the University of Virginia.
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13 17
1966: R. R. Henley discussing the Kimball Project with 400 residents in the Gilmer School.
1968: Mrs. Della Downing, principal of Gilmer School, discusses its closing.
3 4
1968: Anchor Jim Shell discuss cost of new Civic Center on land of former North East Neighborhood.
1967: Roanoke's first post office on the corner of Williamson and Orange before being torn down.

5 6
1967: Grading for new Civic Center begins.

1965: Roanoke council discusses "War on Poverty" funds in closed door session.
7 8
1958: Councilmember Willis M. Anderson proposes construction of a civic auditorium.

1962: Executive Director of Roanoke's Redevelopment and Housing Authority discusses zoning in the Commonwealth Project area.

9 10
1958: Roanoke City Council and the Roanoke Redevelopment and Housing Authority meet to discuss giving deeds to residents of neighborhood.

1957: engineers and survey crews maked off 83 acres of property.
11 12
1969: Bill Mason discusses relocation of displaced families.
1967: City Council and Roanoke Redevelopment and Housing Authority discuss relocation of residents.

1 14
1969: Roanoke Civic Center under construction.
1966: Roanoke Redevelopment and Housing Authority presents check to Mayor Benton O. Dillard in the amount of $19,420.

15 16
1958: Orange avenue intersection of Williamson Road reopened.

1968: Roanoke Organization of Communities protests living conditions at council meeting.
2 18
1969: Roanoke Civic Center under construction.
1968: Protesters in downtown Roanoke march to protest students not being admitted to local college.

1959: Citizens' Protective Association meets to discuss ways to improve neighborhoods.