Instructional Technology
The title of my dissertation is 'Development of a Framework to Determine the Status of Instructional Design and Technology Artifacts' . I wrote it because I was interested in determining the status of hisrtoric instructional technology devices and documents. My main interest was in pre-1050 artifacts, where to find them and how to organize these findings.

I've also always enjoyed incorporasting old technologies into my work. The intersection between instructional technology, message design and Philosophy INC activities began to really be central to my work as much of what I was doing was presenting information that I'd researched. I really liked the idea that Philosophy INC had evolved into an educational services organization. In this role I was able to bring so many of the things I like to do together: Research, learn, present information in a creative way.

Beyond the synthesis and the coming together of ideas though, there's simply the interest I have in old weird technology and the stories it tells.


Bell and Howell slide projector used in Philosophy INC's Rebel Headquarters show

Instructional technology concepts used to display photography

Bizarre old instructional technology exhibiting the extreme end of beahviorism.