Ames Music, Cat Mob and More
Do you know that episode of Peep Show where Jez meets Toni's sister and he tries to impress her and says, "I'!" Well, I'm music! Of course I'm not music but I really, really love music. The earliest song I can remember is Rain Drops Keep Falling on my Head and the last song I listened to was The Blue Birds - Sun We Bilou Akh Waliya. Anyway, I kinda wanted to be like a Kris Kristofferson in the 90s but eventually found a niche I liked and just ran with that. This culminated with my release of Into the Ether in 2014. I also went on a music tour, The New South Tour, with my old buddy Stephen Sellers in 2008 and played in a band in Roanoke called Cat Mob in 2014. Examples below.

Into the Ether

Cat Mob

New South Tour