Old Lick Cemetery
When I moved back to Roanoke I was interested in exploring and learning all I could about the city. One piece of property that struck me as odd was a cemetery that sat in a no man's land surrounded by a busy street, an Interstate, a seedy hotel and industry. It was one of those things you see and think, "why did they put that there?" The cemetery, Old Lick Cemetery, is amazing just on it's own: There has been a cemetery on that spot since 1820 or earlier, half of it is still well maintained while the other half is overgrown with brush and trees.

But Old Lick ended up being a gateway to a rich history. Once I started to research it I realized that it had been part of Roanoke's ancient, pre-Roanoke, history, that the intersection it sat near was the original location of the town. Also, it hadn't always been in the middle of a no man's land. At one time there was an African American neighborhood around the cemetery. Hundreds of bodies were also removed from the cemetery when the Interstate was put through. So, that weird little no man's land ended up being part of a rich informational network.


Here's a video I made with a bit of the history of Old Lick.