Philosophy INC Probes the Taubman
Brian Counihan of the Marginal Arts Festival asked me to put on a show at the Taubman Museum in 2011. By then I'd been involved in Roanoke's art scene for about three years and probably knew the widest range of artists at that time as anyone in Roanoke, from painters to avant-guard performance artists. And I tried to get just about everyone I knew involved in some way.

Also, by this time I felt ideologically that art should be about where you live. If you were showing me photos of your Venetian vacation, abstract paintings, solipsist dialogue, then you were just a clueless, selfish asshole who didn't understand that art should be about creating culture in the here and now, creating myths about your geography, new meanings, new knowledge and making the space around important and interesting to live in. Everything else belonged in a gift shop. So, for Philosophy INC Probes the Taubman I wanted to turn the museum into an ideologically, collaborative spectacle about Roanoke.



This is a short documentary I made for the event.

25 friends and artists created their own maps of Roanoke

Boring photos of Roanoke contest

Opening night

Me presenting Boring Photo Contest winner Mark Perry with his award

John Johnson's living room with Roanoke history displays

I got mail