Incomplete projects list and probably some broken links
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Riyadh Studies


After MAF Information Cards

Philosophy INC Posters for Aurora Apartments

Philosophy INC Educational Posters for Railwalk Apartments

fight FIGHT Studies (City wide project)

Art Walk (Downtown Roanoke arts criticism)

Cat Mob (Band ongoing)


Gilmer School Project (on going)

Letter Head (Group show) Roanoke, VA March (How to Improve the Alphabet)

Found Film, Patrick Henry Community College Martinsville

Your Block,Washington Park, Eureka Park, Elmwood Park, Roanoke, VA,

Ames Bin Time, BanG Studios Roanoke, VA June

Solar Power Trash Bin Project Roanoke, VA Spring

Philosophy INC Grand Opening at the Boxley Building Roanoke, VA March

Cycles group show, Roanoke, VA March

Campbell Avenue Project: Liminal Gallery Roanoke, VA summer

Have a Drink with Philosophy INC: Exclamations group show, Roanoke, VA spring

Old Lick Cemetery Display, Festival in the Park Roanoke, VA summer

Roanoke Postcards in the Decentralized Networker Congress group show, exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago

Power Tool Motorsport, Roanoke, VA, summer

Polaroid Big Shot Photos, In the Event of Andy Warhol group show, Olin Hall Roanoke College, Salem, Virginia, spring

PROject ProJECT Roanoke, VA, summer

Eclectica, Group Exhibition, Patrick Henry Community College, Martinsville, VA

Philosophy INC Probes Roanoke: Taubman Museum of Art Roanoke, VA, spring


Philosophy INC’s Rebel Headquarters Sale solo show, Fleda Ring Art Gallery 2010 Roanoke, Virginia

Videographer for Roanoke on The Road New York, NY Fall 2010

Unicorn Stables, Group Show, Roanoke, Virginia, Fall 2010

The Matt Ames Museum of Modern Art (MAMMA): Blacksburg, Virginia 2008


Virginia Heights Project Orlando, Florida, Summer 2004