Rebel Headquarters
My first "big show" in Roanoke was at a small gallery downtown. For this show I wanted to pull out all the tricks and create something totally ridiculous and crazy. I called it Philosophy INC Rebel Headquarters because I felt that title captured what I wanted, a headquarters from which my revolution in Roanoke could be started, a base of operations. I had a desk, an invasion map, multiple kinds of antiquated technologies, music, projections, etc. I wanted a playful atmosphere combined with the idea that there was a new force in Roanoke that was there to investigate, report and be active in the city. We had the space for a month and used it for weekly meetings. Here's a Flickr set of the show.


Here's an advertisement I did for the show.

The space for the show

Invasion map

Special film event night during the month

Supportive friends