I had a long stretch were I was seriously lucking out where ever I moved. It happened in Orlando and it happened when I moved back to Roanoke in 2008.
When I moved back I was really excited to get involved in the arts community there, explore the city with fresh eyes (I hadn't lived there in 12 years.) and make the city a pallet for ideas I had at the time about video, photography, psychogeography and Philosophy INC as a subversive think tank.

I was back maybe five months when I met Jim Lefwich, Ralph Eaton, Beth Deel, Brian Counihan, John Johnson and a host of other people living there involved in the arts and trying out new ways of experiencing and exploring the city. Jim and Ralph had started CollabFest, a weekly meeting of Roanoke artists where we planned events, held performances, talked about what we were doing, discussed ideas, etc. It was an amazing time to be in the city, it was so alive with energy and possibility and ideas.The Marginal Arts Festival had also started at this time and artists from all over the country were coming into the city every year, seeing what we were doing in Roanoke and many eventually moved to Roanoke, including post-neos Olchar Lindsan, Warren Frye, Tomislav Butković and Bradley Chriss.

I'm not really even sure I can put into words how amazing of a place Roanoke was/is. For several years we were all able to do whatever we wanted in that town, whatever we dreamed of we could have made it happen there. It's a city open to ideas, it's in a beautiful location, it's gritty and laidback. Of course all these characteristics don't matter unless you have people whose brains are popping with ideas, who are passionate and know how to get things done. That's a rough sketch, my time there meant the world to me.