Your Block
Your Block was part of Roanoke's Arts in Parks project from 2014-2015. My original Your Block plan was to spend one day a week for a month meeting with students in neighborhoods throughout Roanoke and using this time to teach them how to research their neighborhoods, create a neighborhood logo and music related to their neighborhoods. Basically, how to understand where they were from and how they might create meaningful culture. At the end of a month all that the students created would be presented in a park in Roanoke. What ended up happening was that I and two other people created everything and presented it in four different city parks.

I worked with local musician Poe Mac and printer Hunter Dickerson on the concept. The idea here was a continuation of many of the things I'd been doing in Roanoke: Present local history relevant to the neighborhoods where the events were taking place, in a fun and interactive way.

I liked this idea a lot, I only wish that people in the neighborhoods where we put these on had been more involved. If I were a businessman I would try to turn this into a business plan and market it throughout the country as a way to build community.



Your Block in Elmwood Park

Washington Park

Page from the Your Block coloring book

Poe Mack making beats

Hunter making prints

Philosophy INC stuff at Your Block