It's weird to think that I've been using YouTube for almost 15 years, It's the same amount of time between between Elvis and Black Sabbath or Reagan and 9/11.
In that time I've loaded 245 videos to the online platform, for better or worse.

My most watched videos are:
Must See TV Arrest in Roanoke This was a video I shot of a woman getting arrested downtown Roanoke during a performance where people were simply sitting around watching blank TVs. The cop kinda lost his mind and arrested this woman who was really doing nothing.

KTVI News St. Louis 1986 Broadcast This was a broadcast I digitized from a beta tape. My buddy Alex used to stop by Roanoke on his travels around the US and visit for a few days. One year he brought me a few dozen beta tapes he'd found on the side of the road. I watched hours of these tapes and this news broadcast was the only thing I found worth digitizing and uploading to YouTube.

Who This was a video I made for an anti-government song I'd written when I was younger and dumber.

How to be Polite I think this may be the first collaboration between my friend Mapopa Sanga and myself. He's always such a fun person to be aound and work with. I wrote a movie script just to make with him but we never got around to it.

Things we Find Interesting: Nigerian Cinema I'm a little surpirised that this one is in the top five most viewed YouTube videos of mine.


Here are my personal favorite 25 videos in no particular order:

How to be Polite - Mapopa and I explaining to people how to be polite.

Living Sculpture - I filmed these dancers at the Water Heather in Roanoke. I never knew I would get such a thrill filming dancers performing.

Numbers Station -I think I wanted this to be part Melville and part numbers station. I've always enjoyed working with my brother when I can.

Dasein - My old friend Stefan Dudoff and I videotaped this at Bottom Creek Gorge in Roanoke County. I think it get a lot of hits because it has Heidigger in the title.

The Stapled Head Checkup - For awhile there River Laker, former Roanoke celebrity, and I were collaborators. This is my favorite of the bunch because of the weird energy between him and the nurse.

Final Philosophy INC Headquarters Sale - I like the way a lot of different elements come together in this one.

Marginal Arts Festival 2012 - Olchar E. Lindsann and I put this together for MAF 2012. I wish we had collaborated on more of these.

Hello Roanoke, Hello Deleuze, Hello Economy - I put this together around the time I did the Rebel headquarters show. I think it captures some of my frentic energy at that time.

Coffee - For one of my first YT videos I collaborated with two of my roommates in Orlando on a music video about the joys of coffee.

Rotty What and the Random Movement Cooperative - This was one of the first things I videotaped for Marginal Arts, it really captures a moment for me.

The Human Body: Seeing - If I had enough resources I think I'd just like to make dumb instructional videos.

Numbers Station Deux - Another collaboraiton between my brother and my friend Mapopa.

315 Bowman - I love and miss my family. They were always willing to take part in anything I came up with.

Collabfest April 22 2009 - I think this video captures the fun and innocence of Roanoke a little over ten years ago.

Philosophy INC Sign Off - I've used the Boards of Canada so much in my videos.

Great Moments in Roanoke's History - This makes me laugh whenever I watch it.

New South Tour: Planet 3 - A great performance by Steve Sellars at Stardust in Orlando.

Scenes from the Philosophy INC Holiday Special - I think this was one of my favorite things I did in Roanoke.

Tune Up Tuesdays - Captures a gritty weirdness that doesn't exist in Roanoke anymore.

How to Litter - My friend Tom and I finally collaborated on a video after a number of years and put this together at the old Roanoke Salem Plaza.

Mill Mountain - My attempt at marketing Roanoke.

Simple Gifts - Jim Leftwich's idea and my unintentionally humorous editing.

Putt Putt Days - My favorite collaboration between my brother and I.

Manny Johnson - Miss my dad, even at his age he was still providing great advice and ideas when we worked on this.

Get Spy - This is another one that really captures a moment in Roanoke. Plus Sam Hensley is hilarious.