Philosophy INC Films
I started making films in Orlando in 2002, mostly music videos like "I Love My Coffee. I finally bought my own video camera years later in Roanoke and made a point to try to make a video every month while I was there: Documenting the art scene, working with local celebrity River Laker, advertising my shows, recording local music like Heevahava, trying to capture my vision of Roanoke. I made about 200 films over a 10 year period. I think my years as a photographer helped to inform my understanding of framing shots and looking for locations. I spent a lot of my time in Roanoke looking for ideal places to shoot video, I like the idea of telling the story of a city through its visually interesting locations.

Also it was just fun. Whenever my good friend Alex Boeckl would roll through town we'd make a video. I also made several with Mapopa Sanga, Malawian playwright and professor . When you can create things with friends and just have a good time then you've found something that you should probably be doing.

I also did a lot of documentation of the growing Roanoke arts scene between 2008 and 2015.


An absurd video promoting Roanoke's largest and oldest tree.

One of the last videos I made in Roanoke with my good friend Tomislav Butković.

A video promoting 10 years of Philosophy INC Films