200 Favorites
Like a lot of people, I've spent a lot of my life listening to and researching music.
This list is not what I would call the best or greatest or anything like that.
It is a list of music that I love, have listened to again and again and find
Below you'll find the 200 songs I love and consider favorites with links to YouTube.
Here's a YouTube playlist of all the songs.

You can download MP3 files of all the songs in the seven zip files below:
One Two Three Four Five Six Seven

2pac how do u want it
a tribe called quest steve bika (stir it up)
abu sultan your love made my head hurt
add n to x buckminster fuller
advance base kitty winn
afrika bambaataa planet rock
air kelly watch the stars
albert ayler our prayer
alice coletrane journey in satchidananda
alien sex fiend my brain is in the cupboard
amadou & mariam ce n'est pas bon
angry samoans haizman's brain is calling
art blakey moanin'
azealia banks 212
bauhaus dark entries
beastie boys just a test
beatles dig a pony
beep beep & the roadrunners true love knows
big pun brave in the heart
big star take care
black angels haunting at 1300 mckinley
black mountain no satisfaction
black sabbath the wizard
blur girls and boys
boards of canada live @ atp echus
bobby bird i know you got soul
bobby darin mack the knife
bongwater ride my see-saw
boutaiba s'ghir dayha oulabes
bowie sound and vision
brasil 66 the joker
breeders safari
brenda fassie vuli ndela
brian jonestown massacre wisdom
broadcast tears in the typing pool
brubeck take five
butthole surfers hey
carter family worried man blues
casual lose in the end
cat power in your face
catholic discipline underground babylon
charlie parker all the things you are
chemical brothers chemical beats
chicks on speed for all the boys in the world
chill rob g let me show you
clash jail guitar doors
coltrane part 2 - resolution
constant deviants competition catch speed knots
cramps you got good taste
crucifucks down on my knees
curtis mayfield move on up
daft punk rollin' & scratchin'
de la soul area
dead prez hip-hop
death keep on knocking
death piggy bathtub in space
delta 5 you
descendants i'm not a loser
deux fam fam
devo my baby gave me a suprise
dicks dead in a motel room
dizzy gillespie salt peanuts
doc boggs wise county jail
doors the crystal ship
dylan tombstone blues
eater no brains
edan fumbling over words that rhyme
ellington fleurette africaine
epmd you gots to chill
esg ufo
etta james what'd i say
fall mountain energei
flatlanders keeper of the mountain
fuck fuck motel
fugs we're the fugs
orchestre poly-rythmo it's a vanity
galaxie 500 don't let our youth go to waste
gang of four he'd send in the army
ghost dance shrunken heads
giant sand way to end the day
gil scott heron we almost lost detroit
go team ladyflash
goree carter rock and while
gorillaz dare (dfa remix)
grand master flash scorpio
gza 4th chamber
hank williams hey, good lookin'
hawkwind motorhead
hendrix gloria
horse lords truthers
howlin wolf moanin' at midnight
husker du data control
hypnotics weird people
ice cube amerikkka s most wanted
iggy and the stooges down on the street
jackie brenston rocket 88
jesus and the marychain just like honey
john lee hooker boom boom
joy division failures
jurassic 5 jayou
kayne on sight
kinks victoria
kitty wells honkey tonk angels
fela ransome kuti & koola lobitos ololufe mi
kris kristofferson sunday morning coming down
kyuss molten universe
lcd sound system someone great
le tigra deceptacon
legendary ko george bush /black people
lijadu sisters danger
lil wayne a milli
liquid liquid cavern
lootpack whenimondamic
lynyrd skynyrd the ballad of curtis lowe
m.i.a. bucky done gun
missy elliot work it
mobb deep shook ones, part ii
modern lovers i'm straight
monkees she
nas n.y. state of mind
ngana dyiop dieuleul-dieuleul
nick drake place to be
nurse with wound stereolab simple headphone mind
occult chemistry fire
ofo & the black company allah wakbarr
olivia tremor control love athena
olufemi ajasa aiye le
orchestre poly-rythmo de cotonou se tche we djo mon
os mutantes a minha menina
palace brothers meaulnes
papercuts a peculiar hallelujah
parque courts n dakota
pavement heaven is a truck
people rock outfit blacky joe
pere ubu on the surface
pete rock and cl smooth they reminisce over you
phantom buffalo a hilly town
pharo sanders the creator has a master plan
pink floyd echoes, part i
pink mountaintops rock 'n' roll fantasy
plasmatics squirm [live]
prodigy diesel power
public enemy terminator x edge of panic
purple mountains nights that won’t happen
pussy galore yü-gung
radiohead bodysnatchers
raincoats black and white
rapture alabama sunshine
reflection eternal fortified live
replacements answering machine
rights of the accused mean people suck
rob base & dj e-z rock it takes two
rolling stones jigsaw puzzle
ros sereysothea sweet sixteen
roxy music love is the drug
run d.m.c. peter piper
saints story of love
sex pistols holidays in the sun
shit robot the secret
silver apples lovefingers
silver jews how to rent a room
sinatra that's life
slaughter and the dogs cranked up really high
sleaford mods smithy
smog i break horses
soledad brothers the weight of the world
st etienne only love can break your heart
stereolab 33
steve miller the joker
stiff little fingers suspect device
subway sect why dont you shoot me
suicide ghost rider
swell maps another song
talking heads sugar on my tongue
the gun club jack on fire
tjader a night in tunisia
townes pancho & lefty
troupe majidi essiniya (nass el ghiwane)
tune yards hatari
tycho sunrise projector
ultimate spinach mind flowers
ultramagnetic mcs give the drummer some
unsane alleged
upsetters tight spot
velvet underground a real good time together
viet cong oxygen feed
void who are you
volta jazz mama soukous
waits romeo is bleeding
webb pierce california blues
white stripes fell in love with a girl
why good friday (boc remix)
william onyeabor fantastic man
word a' mouth famous last words
wu-tang 7th chamber
xxx crystalised
yo la tengo everyday
yoko mind train
ugk you don't know me
young marble giants n.i.t.a.